“Global-scale patterns of biodiversity and biomass of the neustonic zooplankton”

Zooplankton plays a key role in the ecology of the marine realm. Among zooplankton’s community, in the thin layer of the atmosphere/ocean boundary, lays one of the less described and understood ecological groups of metazoans:
the neuston. The neuston is commonly divided into three ecological categories corresponding to their vertical migration behavior in the water column (euneuston; facultative neuston; and pseudoneuston). The diel vertical
migrations of the neuston involve the transfer of food and energy from the surface to deeper layers, impacting the composition of vertical particle flux, and as component of the CO2 biological pump they also take part in the removal of atmospheric CO2.However, to this day only a few geographically-limited studies have focused in the neuston. To help bridge this gap, the present study aims at exploring the neustonic community from a global scale perspective.


Rui Albuquerque
Dpto. de Ciencias y Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente
Universidad de Cádiz
Alumno del Programa de Doctorado “Ciencias y Tecnologías Marinas”

Martes 25 de Julio de 2017 a las 12:00 h.
Salón de Grados. CASEM
Campus de Puerto Real

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