“Tailored ionic liquids – in search of green metal extractants”

The ongoing global pollution of waterbodies with heavy metals from anthropogenic sources reinforces the search for new, effective, simple as well as economical methods for the extraction of these pollutants. Ionic liquids (IL), which are salts in the liquid state under 100°C, have been proposed as an alternative to traditional extracting agents as they possess many environmentally favorable properties. This work includes the green synthesis of novel ILs with high selectivity towards heavy metals like silver, cadmium or lead and a high stability during extraction. In order to enable an ecofriendly application, the ILs have been immobilized in capillary fibers to develop methods for micro-extraction in trace metal analysis of natural water samples.


Philip Pirkwieser
Estudiante predoctoral
Departamento de Química Analítica
Universidad de Cádiz
Alumno del Programa de Doctorado “Gestión y Conservación del Mar”

Martes 20 de Junio de 2017 a las 12:00 h.
Salón de Grados. CASEM
Campus de Puerto Real

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