Admission to a Doctoral programme is subject to students meeting a series of general and specific criteria.

General criteria

 These criteria are described in article 11 of Reglamento UCA/CG06/2012. In general, admission to a Doctoral programme requires the student to have completed a BA and a Master’s degree (or its equivalent).

Also, admission is open to applicants in any of the following situations:

  • Those in possession of an official university degree from Spain or any other country within the European Higher Education Area which allows access to a Master’s programme, in accordance with article 16 of Real Decreto 1393/2007; they must have over 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 must be at Master’s level.
  • Those with a BA or an equivalent title who are in possession of the Diploma of Advanced Studies, obtained according to Real Decreto 778/1998, or those who are in possession of the Certificate of Research Proficiency according to Real Decreto 185/1985.
  • Those in possession of an official Spanish graduate degree, which, according to EU law, is worth 300 ECTS credits. These graduates must sit complementary training modules, referenced in article 12, until the programme for the degree in question provides an equivalent value of credits for training and research to those offered by a Master’s programme.
  • Those in possession of a BA degree or an equivalent who, after being admitted via the official tests to training programmes in specialised healthcare, have passed with positive marks at least two courses of such programmes.
  • Those who possess a degree which provides access to Doctoral studies, issued by a foreign country. This will not require homologation, once the host university certifies that this degree is equivalent in terms of training to a Spanish Master’s degree. This will, under no circumstance, mean the homologation of the previous title, or its endorsement in any aspect other than its validity for providing access to Doctoral studies.
  • Those in possession of a Spanish Doctoral degree.

Specific criteria

These are described in article 12 of the regulations. In general, these admission criteria are also described in the specific information pertaining to each Doctoral programme. These criteria are defined by the academic committees; additional requisites and criteria may be established if there are several access profiles, and complementary training programmes may be set up.


For more information about registration and deadlines, visit the UCA website (pre-matriculation and matriculation).